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Field and Meadow

4 to 5 days
all levels - basic knowledge of surface embroidery required
(choose a subject that reflects your abilities)
image image image
  This workshop focuses on the rural landscape of fields, meadows, barns and the farmyard which is so abundant in this country.  Participants should bring in photographs of places familiar and special to them.  The more images you have to select from and work with, the better.  From these photographs you will learn to design a pleasing composition with the assistance of tracing paper and photocopiers.  Students will learn how to interpret these images in paint and embroidery.  They will learn to work with water-based silk paints, pebeo textile paints and pencil crayons, discovering the special qualities of each in expressing the backgrounds of their landscape.  Machine embroidery will be taught to those who are interested in interpreting grasses, trees and shrubs in this method.  Hand embroidery will be the focus as each student learns how to interpret grasses, wildflowers, ground, rocks, trees, shrubs, fences, hills, farm buildings and farm animals. Design size: within 8” x 12".  
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